Chill together online

A new, simple, fun video chat service! Gather all your friends, chat with them, share the latest meme, divide yourselves in couches and do whatever you’d like to do. It’ll feel like they are sitting next to you!



Enjoy the conversation by making the most of it! You can keep a single big group to gather everyone together or create smaller couches for the latest private updates.

Switch couches, join another group of friends or create a brand new couch: there’s no limit to your conversation!

Hear it all

Speak out loud

Make that big announcement you have been dying to do. Say it. To everyone! Even if you are in a couch you can still speak out loud and everyone will hear you, you just need to press a button and the job is done!


Or maybe you miss whispering funny jokes to few people, share that little secret with someone without anybody else knowing about it. Record a voice message and send it to your partner in crime, your secret will be safe!

Share more

Ephemeral Chat

Share all the content you’d like, interesting links, photos, show your friends the funniest meme and laugh all together! The ephemeral chat works as a series of shared content: save the ones you like and let the others go!


Share even more! Use the broadcast function to stream content with all your friends. You can either access the integrated app or mirror your screen and enjoy the streaming with your friends!

Hear better

Hear it all and hear it good! The smart audio algorythm turns your conversations in lifelike experiences. You’ll be able to clearly hear everything, listen to people talking together and you’ll catch any single comment.